My name is Daniel. I am from Chile and I am the person responsible for creating the content of this site.
I got the idea to make this after talking for a while with my good friend Todd Beuckens, who is the creator of, a similar site for English language. We both agree that students need to be exposed to native speakers in order to master any language (we both have success stories and failures while trying to learn a new language), so we decided to work on this and provide students and teachers with resources made by native speakers. 
As for myself, I studied linguistics and translation (Spanish-English-Japanese) and I’ve been living in Japan for about 6 years. 
We have got very good feedback from teachers and students from different places. We look forward to receiving more feedback and suggestions. So if you have something to tell us, please send me an e-mail to
Who are we? / ¿Quienes somos?

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