Spanish is spoken by more than 560 million people (470 of them as their native language) and is the official language in 20 countries and, as you might already noticed, there are many variations depending on the country or region Spanish is spoken.

We know this makes it quite difficult to understand sometimes, but it makes it very interesting at the same time.


Sometimes you will find certain things that have a different name in different countries, like the word for “eye glasses” (this is just one of the many examples you will find).

At we bring you materials and activities of Spanish in its purest form. The videos the lessons are based on have no scripts and each person speaks in the same way they speak in their daily life.

In addition, we are trying to bring topics that are interesting and that people actually talk about in real life, so we don’t limit ourselves to situations like “ordering at a restaurant”, “asking for directions” or “making a reservation in a hotel”.

We hope you enjoy the materials and please let us know if you have any comment or any suggestion. You can always contact me at

What makes Spanish interesting

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