Hey all, we have some news… New speaker at Spanish Listening!!!

His name is Felipe and is from Colombia. Felipe teaches us a lot about Colombia and the places where he grew up. Don’t miss this chance to practice your Spanish and to learn interesting things about Colombia.

The topics are:

#357 ¿Has tenido alguna vez una relación a distancia?

#358 ¿Puedes bailar algún tipo de danza?

#359 ¿Hay animales salvajes en tu país?

#360 ¿Se maneja rápido en tu país?

#361 ¿Qué comes cuando necesitas energía?

#362 ¿Cuál es un sitio interesante para conocer en tu país?

#363 ¿Qué es divertido en mi pueblo natal?

#364 ¿Eres bueno para los exámenes?

Felipe’s lessons are part of the “New Exclusive Material” pack launched in January 2016 (Click here to access the full package). Now the content is becoming public for all our users.

Remember that you can contact us anytime on daniel@spanishlistening.org


New Speaker on Spanish Listening!

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