Hey there, are you ready for some Mexican words? (No, they’re not ‘tacos’, ‘burritos’ and ‘enchiladas’).

Mexican is probably one of the most common and widely known Spanish accents of all. However, there are still a lot of words and phrases that students of Spanish might not know. Here we have gone for the very basics and the most common words in Mexican Spanish:

  • ¡Aguas!: means ‘be careful’
  • Qué pedo: actually means ‘What’s up?’
  • Feria: Means ‘money’ (¿Tienes feria?)
  • Wey / güey: Means ‘bro’, ‘dude’, ‘man’
  • ¡No manches!: Means ‘no way!’, ‘unbelievable’

You can check our video on YouTube for a better explanation and also don’t forget to check Spanish Listening, so you can see more videos of Mexicans and other native speakers.

Learn 5 new Mexican words, wey!

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