¿Qué bola, mi hermano? Today we will learn some Cuban words! Wohooo!

Even as a Chilean it is quite difficult for me to follow the way Cubans speak Spanish. I’m not trying to discourage you but I hope that little by little we can help you understand Cuban Spanish. I actually think is one of the most beautiful accents and it is full of “sabor” and rhythm (as all Cubans). So, let’s see what can we learn today:

  • Dale: literally means ‘to give’, but for Cubans it means ‘come on’ or ‘hurry up’
  • Acere: means ‘man’, ‘bro’, or ‘buddy’
  • ¿Qué bola?: Basically means ‘what’s up?’
  • Pinchar: means to work
  • Jeva: Widely used to refer to a woman or a girlfriend.

Also, you can watch out video on YouTube for a better explanation of these words. And don’t forget to check Spanish Listening for more native content.

Learn 5 Cuban words!

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