And now we move to Colombia… not really moving there (I wish, actually), but we’re gonna check some of the common and “famous” Colombian words. First of all, please remember it is Colombia and NOT Columbia (#NotColumbia). Don’t make Colombians upset even before we start.

Anyway, you might have heard that Colombian Spanish is one of the most well spoken in Latin America. As a Chilean, I have to agree it is true… up to some point. They still have a lot of their own words and some other elements that make Colombian Spanish unique in a way. Let’s review some of the words they use most commonly.

  • Qué chimba: means something amazing
  • Bacano: means something cool or nice
  • Dar papaya: means to get caught sleeping, let your guard down
  • Chino: means a little boy
  • Rumbear: means to party

Remember to watch out video on YouTube so you get a better idea of what we are talking about. And also let us know if you have any other words that you want us to give you the meaning to or to explain.

Learn 5 common Colombian words!

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