Today, we would like you to know a few Argentinian words and phrases. I am sure you have heard Argentinian Spanish is quite different from others (and you’re right). We don’t want you to get lost there, so please pay attention to the following words and phrases.

And the new words for you are:

  • Che: means ‘pal’, ‘mate’, ‘man’ or ‘dude’ and it is largely used among all ages (not recommended for people in higher positions).
  • Copado: means ‘cool’. ¡Qué copado! or How cool!
  • Pibe: it is the colloquial way to say ‘guy’ or ‘boy’
  • Tomalo con soda: means to take it easy.
  • Dejate de joder: You have to be kidding!

If you check our video on YouTube, you’ll also realise that in the last two, the stress in the word is different (yes, they put the accent in a different syllable).

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Learn 5 Argentinian common words, che!

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