Spanish Listening was designed as a complementary source of materials for teachers and students. We are not aiming to replace your normal lessons or your textbook. 
We believe that a “classic” method (taking normal lessons with a teacher and/or having a textbook) will guide you in order to master the fundamentals of Spanish language so our aim is to provide you with resources so you or your students can get to the next level of understanding what a native speakers say and also to be able to speak fluently like a native speaker. 
As a simple guide of how to use the site, please follow the instructions below: 
  1. Select a speaker or a lesson
  2. Play the video and see how much you understood
  3. If necessary, play the video with the captions and/or refer to the transcript (repeat this as many times as necessary)
  4. Take the quiz and check your answers
  5. Revise the vocabulary to learn new words
  6. Take the vocabulary quiz and check your answers
  7. Answer the questions in the ¿Hablas Español? section

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How to learn Spanish with Spanish Listening

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