One of the main skills you will develop with SpanishListening is your listening skills. 

There is a major difference with other Spanish language programmes and methods: here you will hear native Spanish and you will be able to learn that certain countries or regions have different characteristics (much more in depth than just a simple difference between European Spanish and Latin American Spanish). 
Here you will learn for example that people from Central America sometimes change the ‘r’ sound for an ‘l’ sound (listen very carefully to Manuel from Puerto Rico, for example); you will also be able to notice that Chilean people might not pronounce the ’s’ sound at the end of some words. 
Apart from this, you will also be able to catch the natural speed of a sentence and the natural intonation that will allow you to speak like a native speaker. 
We won’t promise any trick or any magic shortcut, but we’ll give you the tools we believe are the ones that will allow you to master Spanish language at a native level.
How to improve your Spanish listening skills

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