If you are looking for new material to practice your Spanish or to use in your class with your students, you might want to check out our latest release: Book 3 (Lessons 201 to 300), which includes:

– MP3s of recordings of natural Spanish from native speakers around the world.
– PDFs with a the script of the audio, vocab support, a quiz and speaking challenge.
– PDFs with the answers for the printable lessons. Perfect for Teachers! Instant Lesson Materials!
– MP3s consisting of audio recordings of the lesson vocabulary. Perfect mini lessons!
– MP3s of the speaking challenge. Hear 5 Spanish questions directed at you.

You can get the file from the following link: https://gumroad.com/l/zkwGa

Here you can also get a sample of the worksheet in PDF format: Worksheet Sample

Very soon we will come with some new and exclusive material for you!

Book 3 is now ready!

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